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Labour Law.

The field of Labour Law is especially important for a company’s successful operation and achievement of desired business results, so consistent and correct regulation of employment relations is essential.

In this area, we offer employers comprehensive support, from the phase of concluding employment contracts and preparing all documents required by Labour Law, to the phase of terminating employment contracts, including both the preparation of employment contract termination and any necessary agreements. We also consult employers and take care of even the tiniest legal risks. We offer the preparation of extensive legal opinions, including a detailed legal analysis of the case, and provide a quality solution that is most favourable for the client.

An important segment of Labour Law sources is represented by the employer’s internal acts, which are crucial to legal conduct of all types of proceedings, e.g., dealing with mobbing, as well as breach of employment contract, and regulating internal relations between employees and the employer. We take care of preparing all internal acts needed by companies, and we also help our clients in negotiations with trade unions and works councils.

In our work, we face challenges related to employment termination. We particularly focus on dealing with and the consequences of breach of employment contracts, collective dismissals, and reorganization procedures. We take care of lawfully conducting the entire procedure of employment contract termination, and we’ve got extensive experience in the field of terminating employment contracts for protected classes of employees. Extensive experience and knowledge help to detect and discover many details that are crucial for the legal conduct of the procedure.

We’re aware that the field of Labour Law is a complex legal field that requires in-depth knowledge of Slovenian legislation, as well as of regulations at the international and European level, and above all of applicable Case Law, which is very extensive. This is important in both the pre-conflict phase and later. We offer employers and workers representation in courts in all types of labour disputes.

Our team, due to excellent knowledge of Labour Law, commitment, and a good sense of client interests, always provides top-quality and correct solutions.

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